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The Modern Mind May Be 100,000 Years Old

New fossil evidence shows sophisticated thought began earlier than we thought.

The Curious Case of the Bog Bodies

Why do so many corpses found in Europe’s peat bogs show signs of violent death?

Our Neanderthal Complex

What if our ancient relatives did “human” better?

The Curse of the Unlucky Mummy

When science and fear collide, a supernatural story thrives.

Early Humans Made Animated Art

How Paleolithic artists used fire to set the world’s oldest art in motion.

Beer Domesticated Man

Early man chose pints over pastry. Wouldn’t you?

The Caveman’s Home Was Not a Cave

Our picture of man’s early home has been skewed by modern preconceptions.

In Search of the First Human Home

When did the savanna give way to the crash pad?

The Code of the Conch

How the science of sound explained an ancient Peruvian oracle.