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When Pseudosex Is Better Than the Real Thing

What we can learn about evolution from species who thrive without sexual reproduction.

The Martians Are Coming—and They’re Human

How settling Mars could create a new human species.

The Fly in the Primordial Soup

Hydrothermal vent models transform the origins of life from unlikely to near-inevitable.

What Good Is Grandma?

The growing role of grandparents in raising children is right in line with human biology.

The Classic Metal Behind the Origins of Life

A collection of metal atoms called the “metallome” helped drive evolution.

When Evolution Is Infectious

How “probiotic epidemics” help wildlife—and us—survive.

The Rise and Fall of the Living Fossil

The idea that some species are relics that have stopped evolving is finally going extinct.

The Strange Inevitability of Evolution

Good solutions to biology’s problems are astonishingly plentiful.

A Holy Land for Religion and Science

In Ethiopia, evolution is not a threat to people of faith.

Turning Back the Clock on Human Evolution

Digging through the world’s oldest graveyard with African paleontologists.