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Nostalgia Just Became a Law of Nature

New theories have mixed perception and knowledge into the hardest of sciences.

Is Your Theory of Everything Pure Enough?

Fundamental theories of nature aren’t allowed to hide information.

The Loneliest Genius

Isaac Newton spurned social contact but also relied on it for his greatest work.

Who Really Found the Higgs Boson

The real genius in the Nobel Prize-winning discovery is not who you think it is.

Ingenious: Paul J. Steinhardt

The Princeton physicist on what’s wrong with inflation theory and his view of the Big Bang.

Ingenious: Alan Lightman

The physicist on writing, the writer on physics.

The Bridge From Nowhere

How is it possible to get something from nothing?

Do We Have the Big Bang Theory All Wrong?

One physicist’s radical reinterpretation of the cosmic microwave background.

To Predict Turbulence, Just Count the Puffs

These tiny swirls of fluid live, die, reproduce, and spark turbulence.