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Why Nature Prefers Hexagons

The geometric rules behind fly eyes, honeycombs, and soap bubbles.

Can a Living Creature Be as Big as a Galaxy?

Why life is constrained to be about the sizes we see on Earth.

How Do You Say “Life” in Physics?

A new theory sheds light on the emergence of life’s complexity.

Describing People as Particles Isn’t Always a Bad Idea

Using physics to describe social phenomena can work—if it’s the right physics.

These Astronomical Glass Plates Made History

Eight foundational images from the archives of the Carnegie Observatories.

Let’s Rethink Space

Does space exist without objects, or is it made by them?

Beauty Is Physics’ Secret Weapon

A Nobel laureate maps his path to discovery.

10 Breaking Points

The pressure it takes to break everything from raindrops to stars.

Superconductivity for Siberia

How we broke the world record in high-temperature superconductors.